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History & Mission

PIW pursues fabrication work that is both challenging and satisfying to accomplish. To get this work, we've become an agile band of expert craftsmen in fields as diverse as administering Windows networks to welding exotic metal alloys. One job description that you won’t find at PIW corp is Salesman. We believe strongly that the key to selling our products is thoughtful design, sound engineering, attention to detail, and dedication to after-sales customer support – not slick sales pitches and false claims. In our humble opinion, our toolbox (that's what we call our shop floor, equipment, and skills) is an insane collection of technologies that don't exist in other custom fabrication shops. The following history describes just how we built this unique toolbox over the years.

PIW's roots go back to the early 1940s with a small company that was doing primarily fire escape fabrication and repairs. From the early 50s through the 60s, the company started doing miscellaneous and ornamental ironwork on residential and commercial construction projects. In the mid 70s, the company added new materials to its repretoire, including glass rails and architectural metals. The company continued doing all of this into the late 1980s.

Then in 1994, PIW landed a major job as a supplier to the Nike corporation. This job required the addition of CNC equipment to our shop in order to fabricate their products with the close tolerances required. As NikeTown retail stores began appearing all over the globe, so did the high-tech metal graphics we supplied to them. Soon additional fortune 500 companies noticed our work and requested similar products for their architectural projects.

As these companies have become more interested in high-tech architectural appointments, so has PIW's ability to create them. Since the mid-nineties, we've constantly added to our suite of 3D CAD/CAM software which is supported by three CNC vertical machining centers, a high-speed fully automatic lathe, and not one but three high-speed water jets including a muti-head 3 axis abrasive table with a 12' x 12' work surface, one 6’ x 10’ five head abrasive table, one 8’ x 30’ single head abrasive water jet table, along with NC presses, and NC plate and angle rolls.

Now over 20 years and near 20 US patents into our second half-century, our excitement has never been greater. A few years ago we developed a new way of simplifying the process of converting traditional 2D drawings and sketches into 3D models, thus making the work of architects and designers much easier. This includes converting digital models into physical prototypes in foam, wood, and aluminum. Ironically, from what we learned in our 3D innovations we developed a new twist on a 2000 year old technique that allows us to make multi-sided metal objects without loose corners, open joints or external welds. The finished piece (usually made from aluminum) can replicate solid objects and can be anodized without any tell-tale seams or weld marks.

We mention we are nearing 20 US patents as our love of the metal art has driven us to improve the craft and along the way we have as we found new ways and new methods. In doing so our efforts have rewarded us with US patent protection on several ideas and products. Now with our updated website for the first time we will be beginning to offer our architectural grilles to the industry. In the past few have been aware of these products and only a select few architects and owners have had use of same, this should soon change.

It is innovations like these that embody our desire to keep the traditional craft of metal-making relevant to modern needs and processes. In addition, we strive to offer our customers access to these latest technologies at an affordable price. Making the best methods affordable is always a challenge, but at PIW that has always been our mission. (back to top )

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