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Patented by PIW
PIW has created dozens of patented products and production techniques. Some of these patents have been "As Seen on TV" or have been awarded best product recognition.
Barton Abrasive Removal Tool
PIW's patented underwater fine solids vacuum is effective and efficient at removing any abrasives or sludge from underwater, grease or other liquids. The system is powered by a standard pressure washer and can remove abrasives at a rate in excess of 2,000lbs per hour. The underwater industrial vacuum removes fine solids quickly and efficiently.
The tool is sold through Barton International.
Download a Spec Sheet
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What is it? The System is simply the easiest, fastest and most cost effective method of installing glass rail panels ever envisioned. It is a very simple dry mechanical system that consists of only three components, a high impact plastic isolator channel with a inverted wedge on one channel leg, a high strength matching aluminum wedge and a heavy extruded aluminum shoe. The system is self centering, self plumbing and the glass panels that only take minutes to install can be removed just as quickly. Fast, affordable, flexible, and removable, this is the system you have been waiting for.
With the System it is that easy, READY - slide on isolators, Set - drop the panel into the shoe, DONE - drive the wedges.

Weed Claw™

Take the pain out of weeding and planting! The with Bonus Bulb Drill fits any standard electric drill. The WeedClaw's™ revolutionary talon-grip head grabs weeds at their roots and spins them right out of the ground so the weeds are gone for good. The BulbDrill digs perfect holes at the desired depth for tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and other bulbs.

No more kneeling, bending or straining. Simply attach to any standard electric drill. Go GREEN! Easily removes weeds without dangerous chemicals. Digs perfect holes for bulbs.


TruCenter™ from Blue Ox®

TrueCenter™ Steering Control, from Blue Ox puts you incontrol of wind gusts, passing trucks, uneven roads and even sudden events, like tire blow outs or dropping onto soft or low shoulders. With TruCenter you simply get a comforatable center steering position and less driver fatigue. All at a price you'll appreciate.


Architectural Grilles
Grating with Crimped Intersections. Summary Coming Soon! View our online store at www.archgrilles.com

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