University of Iowa Children’s Hospital Valet Booth

One of a kind Valet Booth fabricated for The University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. Rolled steel tubes, plates, and angles create the support structure. The round lower cylinder is topped with rolled steel tube roof that is edged with a near nine inch round aluminum pipe which is used to create a bullnose feature. On top of the roof deck there is a 12 panel aluminum center pinwheel and a 12 section outer aluminum cap. Down below the roof on the overhang there are 24 curved aluminum panels in the soffit.

Inside, there are 9 aluminum panels that create the ceiling. A major detail in these pictures are the many curved aluminum wall panels and curved aluminum trim. The whole structure is enclosed with imported curved fritted glass. The door itself will be curved glass with the jambs and header being non-directional stainless. The door head and sill were custom fabricated from flat stainless plate. The booth is painted in several different colors in  satin powder and Kynar finishes.

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