PIW Corp

For years, large contractors, builders, and manufacturers have relied on PIW as a “secret” weapon against emergencies involving short time frames, difficult work, or both. Like a SWAT team of expert metalworkers, we can address a situation full of problems in very little time. We’re proud to say that we haven’t failed our clients yet.

Now, for the first time, PIW is offering these extensive fabrication services on a job shop basis. Our years of producing high-end custom metal products means we have a toolbox capable of fulfilling almost any job. If you’ve visited our other pages, you know just how varied our work is. So from the simplest cut to the most bizzare assembly, we’ve seen it all. Visit our gallery or submit a request for quote.

Our Services



Our expertise with architectural projects is multifaceted. We have earned a reputation as critical problem solvers, developing new tools and processes on a project-to-project basis to ensure successful quality architectural fabrications for our customers.


Waterjet & Plasma

We have a high-tech toolbox of CNC cutting equipment. We utilize the latest in zero-taper FlowJet technology which allows us to cut through very thick metal plates with little to no taper. In addition we offer full plasma cutting services.



High quality welding and fabrication has been a cornerstone of our business for over 50 years. We help customer achieve their vision with job shop services including mig and tig welding.



We can cut and fabricate using a variety of materials including but not limited to: Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Bronze, Wood, Ceramix, Vinyl, Glass, Granite & Plastic.



We can create custom, high-end corporate logos, plaques and signage. We have the experience needed to create professional signage or plaques that showcase your brand.


Stairways & Railings

Several decades of experience with a variety of high end railing and stairway fabrications. Cantilever design, glass panel, tubular, square, custom cut panel designs. Indoor or outdoor fabrication. We help our customers achieve grand stairway and railing projects that last a lifetime with modern, clean quality craftsmanship.


Metal Art & Decor

We love metal, and we love creating completely unique metal art & decor for your home or office. Hundreds of design options, and no two metal decor items are the same; we handcraft each and every piece.


3D Design and Printing

Cutting edge technology including 3D printing and modeling. Rapid prototyping is now available! We can take your solid model design file and turn it into a working prototype. Contact us today to turn your idea into a reality.

Patents & Products

PIW has created dozens of patented products and production techniques. Some of these patents have been “As Seen on TV” or have been awarded best product recognition. A list of our patents and patent numbers can be found below.

Our Clients