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Much more than just another metal fabricator, always looking to the future and never afraid to invest in new technology, PIW Corp has earned a reputation as a leader in Architectural Metal Design and Fabrication. We work with one of the largest and the most high-tech tool boxes anyone will find in the industry. Our large diverse set of high-tech tools allows us to complete nearly all projects in house. When others need to go outside for cutting, milling, rolling, forming, polishing, or powder coating, PIW Corp can do it all in house if needed. Our large set of high-tech tools means we do not have to wait in line to get job shop services preformed elsewhere. When time and quality are on the line; PIW Corp is the best choice.

Custom Fabrication & Design

PIW Corporation provides fabrication & design services nationwide with more than 70 years of experience. We are multi faceted and work directly with our customer to achieve their vision. We are a fully equipped plant with hand and automated tools to fabricate products in all metals, plastics, wood, and other materials. Contact us at (989) 448-2501 to discuss your project today! You can also submit a quote by visiting our contact page.

CNC Services

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